Without personality,
social media is not social.


Almost every successful business is accessible via at least one social media platform today. If your clients are on social media then you need to be there too, to grab their attention and connect with them.

Social media is exactly that: social. It’s where you connect with your buying community, let them see the real person behind your business and share your wins, challenges and useful content around your field of expertise, and to educate them on your product or service.

I don’t offer a social media management service simply because I believe that each business needs to be in the thick of things themselves when it comes to their social media accounts, or at least have a dedicated in-house person employed for the task.

What I do offer is social media help and guidance to empower you or your employee to manage your platforms properly for maximum engagement and exposure.

My philosophy on Social Media is that it is the cheapest, most effective way to find and connect with your online target audience. It costs much less and is more effective than printed advertising.


  • You understand the importance of social media for your business but are overwhelmed and confused by all the jargon and options.
  • You know a little about social media, already have a Facebook profile and know the basics of how to use it but want to get your business onto Facebook.
  • You already have a Facebook Business page or community group but you’re battling to figure out how to use them properly to promote your business.
  • You dabble in Instagram but really don’t understand how hashtags work or which ones you should be using.
  • You want to learn how to create decent, attractive photos and graphics for your social media newsfeeds and advertising.
  • You want to be able to build a responsive mailing list of clients or potential clients to sell your product or service to directly.
  • You want a simple step-by-step method of managing your social media accounts that you can follow easily and that actually works.
  • You want to learn how to create engaging posts that get your fans excited and involved.
  • You are eager and willing to learn how to use social media and email marketing to optimise your business and have the time or staff available to maintain the platform/s you want to work with.


I work with 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and MailChimp because these are the platforms I know well and use for my own business. They work well together, are user-friendly, and fairly easy to maintain. Trying to manage too many social media accounts can become overwhelming and you end up not managing any of them properly, which can damage your business. When it comes to social media management, content is king, and it takes time and effort to create engaging content.

Get started by finding out more about each of the packages I offer below. Each one is like a mini one-on-one email course with me. We’ll work through each step of the way together, starting from where you’re at right now, and drawing up an action plan of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. If you’re local, you can even come to my studio for face-to-face training.

Set up of your Facebook biz page OR tidying up your existing Facebook page for you. Design of a Facebook cover image and properly sized thumbnail, Facebook basics (creating a posting schedule, how to schedule a post, write an engaging post and ideas for sourcing content to share).

Set up or help setting up of your Instagram biz account, linking it to your Facebook biz page, helping you choose the right hashtags for your niche, basic posting guide.

Setting up your MailChimp account, creating your sign-up form, designing a basic template you can use to send out monthly emailers, tips on generating content and writing engaging emails.


Order all 3 of my social media packages and get 15% off the total amount.


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