Zoosch Social Media

“We came across an awesome mum and daughter team on the internet, and which was so close to home. And boom! Jo was like a breath of fresh air to work with – and just so much fun! She listened to our requirements and added lots of suggestions and solutions along the way. Jo always has the answer, we loved every moment of working with her. It was like unwrapping a new present each time. File delivery was always prompt and in the correct formats we needed (and more). We absolutely love our branding and it is working brilliantly for us. As Jo predicted, it attracted the exact market we were looking for and have happily referred Jo to everyone.”
[Riaz Paruk, Zoosch Jewellery, South Africa]

Zoosch is a South African small business started and run by Riaz and Sam Paruk. They are based in Durban but have contracted agents selling their products throughout the country.

Zoosch’s main product line is stainless steel jewellery which is hypo-allergenic, non-tarnishing, and extremely affordable. Their pieces are really beautiful, and unique and  appeal to a wide market of mostly women. Their product is sold by online catalogue via their website, and directly by agents throughout the country. Sam and Riaz are pro-active and enthusiastic when it comes to learning new skills to improve their marketing and social media, which makes them a really great team to work with on their branding projects.

When Sam and Riaz first came to me for help with their brand revamp and social media marketing, Zoosch was already established as a small-business. We sat down together and discussed changes that could be implemented to take their brand to the next level.

Before we could get Zoosch happening online, a  brand upgrade was needed. The previous Zoosch logo, a low resolution photograph of a heart-shaped diamond on a black background, was limiting the company’s growth and destined to cause problems in print and online. The client didn’t want to change their logo too much so we stuck with the heart but converted it to a cut-diamond line-drawing instead which, although fairly common, indicated clearly their line of work and allowed a lot more flexibility in their advertising pieces and brand exposure. We also got rid of the heavy black background and developed a simple, feminine, 5-colour palette which we’ve carried across all their branding.

Although this is a social media related post, mention must be made of this company’s launch catalogue because it was spectacular and played a big part in their initial social media roll-out and signing up of agents. Each catalogue was handmade (by us) and had a whitewashed wooden cover, mock-leather closures with steel screws and corners, and vinyl branding in their new colours. The catalogues were wrapped in tissue paper parcels, filled with confetti in the Zoosch brand colours and hand-delivered to new agents in a branded bag. They soon became a sought-after collectible novelty by Zoosch agents.

The success of the Zoosch brand has had much to do with the simple but effective Facebook marketing strategy that we structured for the client who carried it out properly and consistently. Resultantly, they’ve signed up more than 60 agents during the 2 years they’ve been online. At the time of writing they have 21K Facebook followers, increasing every month.

Zoosch’s winning marketing formula has allowed them to flourish during a time when so many other small businesses in South Africa are foundering. Their success has resulted from the combination of an effective social media marketing strategy, great product photography (by CC Rossler), specific brand targeting and the client’s willingness to learn how to manage their Facebook page properly and consistently.