Tasha’s Fudge Branding

“I find Jo very easy to work with, and very accommodating. If I don’t like something I tell her and changes are made. She listens to my requirements and if something is missing we always brainstorm on what we could do better, different or just leave it out. Jo seems to be a never ending source of info and ideas and we were very happy with her work process. She always delivers files promptly as asked and in the correct format and we love the work she’s done for us. Our clients always have something positive to say about our packaging.“

[Tasha Jardim, Tasha’s Fudge, Hilton, KZN, South Africa]

Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge is a national brand that prides itself in producing hand made fudge, ‘just how Grandma made it’. Tasha learned the secret recipe from a family line of confectioners and continues to use it today. From personal experience, I can say that it is the very nicest fudge I have ever had. Very yum! With over 50 different fudge flavours like Peppermint Crisp, Cherry and Nut, Ginger, Espresso, Chocolate and Chilli, it’s not surprising that Tasha’s fudge has become a household name across South Africa and you can find it in Spar outlets, Dis-Chem, Food Lovers Market, Sweets from Heaven and numerous home industry and craft food outlets, as well as online via Tasha’s website.

Although I didn’t originate the Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge logo, I did recreate it so it could be used properly across all her branding. And I also developed and created the Fudgella ‘glass jar’ mascot you can see on most of Tasha’s packaging. Tasha’s work is one of my most favourite ongoing projects and I’ve designed all of her branded items from her business cards, letterhead, catalogues and email signature to her shipping boxes, slab boxes, fudge wrappers and labels – and even some social media graphics. I’ve also tackled a spot of fudge product photography and got to sample that delicious sweetness in the process. Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge is a perfect example of how a business can grow when an enthusiastic market-savvy owner and an inspired, passionate graphic designer work together.