S-Leadership Branding

“I found Cosmic Creations via a Google search and decided they were the type of designer I wanted to work with.  Jo was really good to work with and took time to understand my brand fully from all aspects. She was very patient with all my concerns and changes and took her time to deliver exactly what I had asked for. She also made suggestions and expressed her own expert opinion which was what my brand needed since it was very new and I needed some guidance on the branding and concept. Delivery for the final drafts were always on time. I then used Cosmic creations again for a second time as I had changed my business name to S-Leadership and I went straight to Jo again for my new business brand. She totally understood my concept and came up with a new beautiful colour palette and created my new logo in those colours too, so I had a choice to use my logo in any colour of my palette. My logo works very well for me and, although I’m still very much a small business, my logo comes across very professional and clean. I would definitely recommend Jo to my friends as I know she’ll do a fantastic job for them, as she has done for me. “
[Lavinia Cooke, S-Leadership, London]

S-Leadership is a small business in the UK, owner-run by Lavinia Cooke. The company has developed a number of programs to empower young women to reach their full personal, academic and professional potential by discovering their core personal values, unique strengths and talents, and replacing limiting beliefs with new thought processes.

The essential skills taught in the S-Leadership programmes are intended to develop the intra- and inter-personal skills of participants for implementation across personal, social, academic and professional spheres of life. S-Leadership was selected for the 2015 Ernst & Young Accelerate programme award and the Hatch Incubator programme.

Lavinia really understands the concept of ‘less is more’ so it was a pleasure to work with her on her S-Leadership brand. Her previous business name, Success Princess was not accurately targeted, nor was it specific enough about what she really does. Changing her business name to S-Leadership – for Success Leadership – and adding a clear tagline, ‘inspiring young female leadership’ has helped define the target client for this niche much more effectively. The logo is simple and easy to remember. The ‘S’ letter is flexible and also stands for ‘she’. We carried over the ‘princess’ crown from her previous business but simplified it, and added a laurel wreath leading up to the crown and surrounding the simple S letter. The 3 elements work together to create a crest that performs well as a brand mark across a variety of media, printed, digital and online. To help with brand flexibility, and to accommodate a young target market, we developed an 8-colour palette which will also allow Lavinia to have a bit of fun with her marketing and brand material.