Boomplaats Social Media

“I have been dealing with Jo Petzer at Cosmic creations since 2014. Jo assisted with our Boomplaats logo design and put words to our thoughts for our vision of sustainable organic living. When we launched our organic product sales, Jo designed and optimized our website, Facebook page and monthly newsletter. Cosmic Creations has been instrumental in us reaching our target market. I can highly recommend her services.”
[David Wentzel, Boomplaats, Freestate, South Africa]

Boomplaats prides itself on being the first certified free-range, organic, grass-fed farm in South Africa. They produce a quality product and place high priority on educating their buyers about the nutritional value of their meat. They are meticulous about explaining exactly what and how their animals are feed and their grazing habits. Because their meat is produced in small batches, it is in high demand and only available seasonally from selected outlets. Owner, David Wentzel, a South African living in Canada, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what Boomplaats stands for.

Being a hard-core vegetarian for the past 20 years, taking on the Boomplaats project was initially a difficult decision for me. But after studying the client’s business ethic, how their animals are raised and cared for, I realised that they are on a mission to undo the damage caused by factory farming and that, by working with them, I was indirectly helping to further a cause related to improving the environment and the lives of mass-farmed animals.

Although the subject of producing a certified free-range, organic, grass-fed product is a serious one, we have opted to add an element of fun throughout Boomplaats’ branding by personifying cows in a way that drives home the fact that they are sentient beings with rights and deserve to be raised and cared for properly, even if they are eventually destined for the abbatoir.

This project included designing a logo for Boomplaats, all their collateral (business cards, stationery, labels, signage), setting up and populating their Facebook page, rolling out some initial promo campaigns, setting up their website, and creating all their social media and web graphics. I also write and publish their seasonal newsletters and most blog posts.

Working with Boomplaats on their social media marketing has been a pleasure. Once their platforms had been set up (Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp), they were extremely vigilant about supplying me with images to work with, and posting regular valuable and engaging content – which they continue to do.

If optimal health and uplifting the environment are close to your heart, please check out their website and give them a follow on Facebook.