Bloomin’ Bud Social Media

“Jo from Cosmic Creations completely and creatively rebranded my small business. She also supported and encouraged me to put my brand on social media. From the start, she involved me in the creative process of developing my new brand, while staying true to the values of quality and creativity of my work.”
[Shelley Cosgrove, Bloomin’ Bud, Durban, South Africa]

Bloomin’ Bud is a home-based floral studio, owned and run by Shelley Cosgrove. Her arrangements are spectacular and cater to individuals for functions, occasions, weddings, and to corporates for gifting and events. Shelley is super-creative with flowers and uncommonly quick. Her floral style is unique, making her artistic arrangements rather sought-after.

I don’t generally undertake Facebook management projects because most clients are non-committal in supplying me with content and getting involved in their own social media. But Shelley was so keen and enthusiastic to learn, and I really just so wanted to be able to have access to beautiful flowers a lot of the time, that I couldn’t help myself.

When I first took over updating and management of Bloomin’ Bud’s Facebook page, Shelley didn’t really have a specific marketing plan or posting schedule but she was keen to learn and get stuck in. So, we sat down together and talked about what she wanted to achieve and how we could get her to reach her goals using social media.

We set up her Instagram account, cleaned up her Facebook page and developed a schedule for promotional campaigns. Shelley also brings me arrangements on a regular basis to photograph for her ads and campaigns.

We make a great team and work together on Shelley’s social media with me creating, posting and sharing promotional content and Shelley sharing day-to-day posts and stories of her travels.

If you’re in and around Durban and need flowers, support a great local business. Join her Facebook page, and give Shelley a shout.