360HR Branding

“Jo was patient and accommodating – I changed my mind many times before I decided on the final logo and now absolutely love it. It is timeless and I receive many compliments. Jo knew exactly what I wanted and “hit the mark” with every new idea I presented. She is knowledgeable and always gives expert advice. I use her for all my design work. She is cost effective and I highly recommend her.“

[Lara Haskins, 360HR, Johannesburg, South Africa]

360HR is a female-owned South African business based in Johannesburg. They specialise in HR recruitment and delivering the ‘full circle’ of HR solutions.

Committed to social responsibility and community development, and with 15 years experience in the recruitment industry, owner, Lara Haskins, has a dependable reputation in her field, is passionate about what she does and understands HR needs and how they integrate in business.

She needed a solid logo and brand that would reflect her values and business ethic.

Lara and I worked together on her branding for a while because she new exactly what she wanted but struggled a little to communicate it at first. After a bit of trial and error we settled on a logo that she loves and worked on applying it across a number of branded elements including business cards, social media banners and graphics and her website.

The circular elements of the logo communicate her 360 degree full-circle service offering, with the 2 circles representing the business and its clients interlinked and working together. Because the logo is very clean and neat, it works well across a wide variety of media and is easy for clients to remember and associate with the business.