Your logo is a graphic extension of the
internal realities of your company.


What if you don’t want all the stuff that goes with a standard professional logo design package? Maybe you don’t want all the logo files, or a mood board, or even a brand guide. What if you just want your existing logo redrawn so it’s clear and crisp and you have a proper file to give to your printer, without having to pay for all the other work that comes with recreating a logo? Or maybe you just need help with designing your own logo.

If this sounds like you, welcome to my solution to your problem. With my ‘build your own’ option, you can choose just the parts of the logo design process that you want to pay for.

There are 8 options to choose from to build your own custom logo design package. Each option is individually priced so you can choose the ones you want when you want them, according to your budget.

My philosophy on logo design is always ‘less is more’ A clean, simple, clever logo always has much more impact and is easier to remember than a busy, complex one.


  • You’ve just started a new business and need to get your logo correct from the outset so that it not only reflects the personality of you and/or your business, but also works to attract your ideal target clients.
  • You have an existing business but your logo has become outdated or just doesn’t look professional and you’d like that fixed.
  • You want to relaunch your business and need a whole new look that will attract the clients you want to sell to.
  • You have absolutely no idea of what sort of logo will work best for your business and need guidance every step of the way.
  • You have a number of ideas for your logo and want to work with a designer who will actually take them into consideration when designing your logo instead of just doing their own thing.
  • You understand why less is more and why simplicity in branding is always better for your business.
  • You want to know how to use your logo properly and when to use the different versions of your logo.
  • You want to have your logo in the proper formats required by your printer or signage company, as well as in formats you can use in your own documents and online.
  • You just need your existing logo redrawn so that you have it in the correct formats for print, web and document use.
  • You want your logo professionally assessed with suggestions for improvement so that you can recreate or fix it yourself.


Your logo shouldn’t be something that was thrown together in a hurry just for the sake of having one. Your logo also shouldn’t be an outlet for some designer’s creative expression or graphic experiment. Your logo is an extension of you and your business, so should reflect your personality and be a clear beacon of what your business represents. Developing a functional and attractive logo needs to follow a specific process and formula. Here’s a summary of each step in my logo design process to help you choose what you need. Click on the ‘plus’ to read more about each.

I’ll analyse your logo relative to your business, target market and production practicality, and send you a single-page document on how your logo can be changed or improved in relation to form, colour, structure and ease-of-use so that it better reflects your business, resonates with your target audience more effectively, and will work properly across your online and printed branding. If you’re still not sure of what you need or have any questions, feel free to email me for more info.

I’ll send you a form to fill in to help me gather data on your target clients and build a demographic of your ideal client to make sure your logo and branding appeal to them. You will be supplied with a document containing the demographic info of your target audience/s.

After you fill in my moodboard questionnaire, I’ll create your moodboard and supply you with an A3 PDF containing all your brand inspiration elements to help bring your brand look-and-feel together into one place. You will be able to print out your moodboard to display in your workplace to help you stay true to your brand.

If you already have a great logo but don’t have it in a high quality format then I’ll redraw it for you as a vector so it’s crisp, clean and can be enlarged to any size you want without losing quality. This option is limited to logos that are clear enough on-screen for me to redraw. You will receive an EPS version of your logo that can be opened and edited in any vector-supporting program.

After getting to know you and your business a bit better, I will send you 3 concept ideas for your logo before creating sketches of your favourite idea. Taking into consideration any tweaks or adjustments you’d like to those sketches, I’ll send you some digital drawings to look at before we make any last changes and finalise your new logo. You’ll get a JPG and PNG file of the final design.

For a full set of logo files, please add my Logo File Pack to your order.

When you order this option, you’ll receive your logo in the following formats: eps and svg, pdf (vectors), jpg and png files. The files will include versions of your logo in the different palette colours as well as in solid black and solid white, and with a transparent background.

Please note that this option can only be ordered in conjunction with the Logo Redraw or Logo Design options, and not independently, unless I have already redrawn or designed your logo.

A brand guide is important in making sure reproduction of your logo remains consistent across your brand with regard to proportion, usage, typeface and colours. When you order a Brand Guide, you’ll receive a 5 page PDF document containing your logo presentation guidelines, colour profiles (RGB, CMYK, HEX, Pantone), typefaces and fonts, and examples of brand usage

This option can only be ordered alongside the Logo Redraw or Logo Design options, unless I have already created your logo.

Design elements are secondary icons, embellishments or drawings that can be used throughout your brand designs to add a unique flavour to your business and create interest and familiarity throughout your marketing. Ideally, these should be in alignment with your brand look and feel and match the style of your logo. A precise brief is required when ordering this option, to ensure that the minimum amount of time is taken to create exactly what you want. This option includes 10 individual elements, supplied in transparent png format.

This is how the ordering process works:

  1. Decide on the package you want to start with.
  2. Click the ‘choose your options’ button for that package.
  3. Select the items you want to order.
  4. Click the ‘order now’ button.
  5. I will receive your order form and send you a personal hello email.
  6. You will be sent an invoice to pay your deposit.
  7. When your deposit is received,  I will  send you worksheets to complete to help me clarify your requirements.
  8. As soon as I have your returned worksheets, I will notify you of the day and  time your work has been scheduled.
  9. You will receive your first proofs by email and be required to supply feedback.
  10. Adjustments will be made until your design is finalised. More than 3 proof revisions will incur an additional hourly cost that will be added to your final invoice.
  11. On completion, your final  invoice will be emailed to you.
  12. Once final payment is made I will send you a link to download your files, along with tips on best usage.


If you order 5 or more logo ‘parts’, you’ll get a 15% discount on the total cost. Yay!
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